Monday 14 June 2010

Gratuitous Sailing Shot

As much to give some key words to the advertisements on this page that don't actually hint at a lack of interpersonal communication or a desire to become acquainted with a person of dubious intent, we went sailing for a few years.  I have to say that the Adsense people are very clever, they appear to have associated the colour of our dear ship "Piglet" with the needs and desires of an audience that could be described with one word alluding to happiness!

We started small, but once the collective length of the family grew to a point where it exceeded twice the length of the boat, we knew it was time to upgrade.   Eventually the collective financial demands of the family exceeded the capacity to continue with the boat, so it was time to downgrade, and the Goat Island Skiff was born, followed by a few PDRacers and a Eureka Canoe.

But lest we give the wrong impression, while all this was happening we were quietly talking to people, reading all we could, and it seemed there was nothing we could do to get that crazy European Canals thought out of our heads.

For thirty years it kept gnawing in the back of our skulls.


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