Tuesday 15 June 2010

Boat Names

The boat name arrived in the mail today, from Boat Names Direct ready for it's big trip, and now we feel as though all this is really is happening.   
I would have waited until we were there before arranging the signwriting, or done it myself, but the online service provided by the above company was too easy to overlook, and while it's a bit early to pass a long term judgement, the product looks first class as was the service.

Having a fake home port name on the transom is very uncool, and Mooloolaba, last time I looked was not a port in the north of France.  It is so uncool that it contravenes international maritime law, and we probably shouldn't do it.
But I really love the smile that French people get when they try to read it.  It's very similar to the one they get when I try to pronounce any French word with an "r" in it, so until we get locked up for our flagrant disregard for authority (unless we chicken out in the meantime) we'll proudly fly the tricoleur from her stern right above the sign that reads:


On a more serious note, I will attempt to unravel the world of visas, licensing and registration for Australians in Europe in coming posts.

©Peter Hyndman 2010

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