Monday 14 June 2010

Canal de Briare

In 2009 thanks to the generosity of friends, we managed to complete our first season on the Canals of France (this post is once again aimed at inserting key words into the text that do not necessarily relate to a lack of err... community.  Google keeps reading the "chat" and misconstruing it!)

So we met Graham and Iris on "Manatee" in Briare, for a few short weeks and were treated to a whirlwind (if that's possible at seven kilometres per hour) tour for a short distance down the Canal Lateral a la Loire to Sancerre,  returning after a few days and travelling the full length of the Canal de Briare to the Seine via the Canal du Loing.

Part of the reason for our being in France for the season, was to discuss a successon plan for "Manatee" and when we departed for a few weeks with the intention of rejoining her for the rest of the season, it was with the absolute conviction that  we had found our new life.

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